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AboutJodi Kallus truly understands that life is an adventure. Whether she’s playing sports, following the Astros on a three-state camping trip with her family, enjoying a competitive afternoon of fishing on the bay with relatives or working with her clients, Jodi turns the event into the best experience possible. She sees every day as a chance to rise to the occasion and she accepts that challenge head on.

Unshakable Spirit

One of the best displays of Jodi’s unshakable spirit occurred when she played as a forward for a co-ed soccer team. Definitely not a position for a timid soul, she fearlessly faced male opponents with sheer determination, even when one brazenly cautioned her not to get in his way. She replied to his stern warning with the invitation “Do what you have to do,” and then steadfastly prevented him from ever getting to the ball. Though this is just one instance of Jodi’s everlasting ability to rise to a challenge, it clearly exemplifies her energetic and determined spirit.

Jodi’s definitely no stranger to championing a cause, and this is even more evident in her professional endeavors. She owned a medical supply company for more than 15 years and increased profits significantly by identifying numerous opportunities and discovering accounts that the previous owner had overlooked. She is also constantly finding ways to improve her community, and through her company she participates in many outreach programs that assist families in need. She also donates to several children’s charities such as the local Christmas Gift program, Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army Angel program. When Jodi’s objective is to help, there’s no stopping her.

Truest Sense of Satisfaction

About Where Jodi finds her greatest satisfaction serving her community is in her career as a real estate professional. Specializing in home purchases and sales in Pasadena, LaPorte and Deer Park, she works patiently to identify her clients’ aspirations and then pursues them with passion. In her eyes, there is no goal that can’t be reached, and she’ll go above and beyond to do just that.

Jodi’s love for her industry and her desire to achieve the best results for her clients drives her to work tirelessly on their behalf and keep them informed at every stage of the process. She’s ready to meet challenges head on—and more importantly, to avert them whenever possible. It’s comforting to know that Jodi is always prepared to handle the complexities of any move and approach your home sale or purchase with the same dedication as if it were her own.

Up for the Challenge

When you’ve made a decision to buy or sell a home, count on a professional who clearly focuses on your needs and makes them her top priority. When it comes to real estate, Jodi Kallus is Up For the Challenge, so give her a call today.

Jodi proudly serves the real estate needs of residents of Pasadena, LaPorte and Deer Park, TX.



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Jodi Kallus
Jodi Kallus
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