Pasadena, Texas

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Pasadena, Texas is located just minutes from Houston. This community is one of the best ones in the Houston area as it has wonderful schools, excellent livability and access to boating. The community is rich with culture and history. Pasadena is a popular destination for young couples, families and retirees. Convenient access to the region’s top amenities and sites of interest makes Pasadena a great community. In addition, Pasadena boasts a thriving economy supported by aerospace, energy and industry.

A diverse and affordable real estate market adds to Pasadena’s livability. The community offers reasonable home prices and exceptional property values. Real estate options in the city include everything from single-family starter homes to luxurious estates. Pasadena’s close proximity to the Gulf shores, as well as Houston makes it the ideal community for retirees and commuters alike.


John Burnett of Galveston established Pasadena in 1843. He named the town after Pasadena, California because of its lush vegetation. In 1894, a railroad was constructed in the area. The railroad triggered the area’s development as a farming community. Land promoter Cora Bacon Foster and Kansas banker Charles Munger helped organize the community.

In 1900, Galveston Hurricane ravished the area. The Red Cross subsequently donated over $1 million strawberry plants to local farmers. Pasadena quickly became known for its strawberries. In addition to strawberries, Pasadena farmers sold Cape jasmine flowers, cucumbers, cantaloupes and other produce. At that time, the town became a thriving farming community.

The first private school was established in Pasadena in 1894. This later became a part of the Harrisburg Common School District. Residents of the community formed an independent school system in 1899. In 1924, they established a four-year high school program in Pasadena. The South Houston and the Genoa school districts were consolidated into the Pasadena system in 1935.

The citizens of Pasadena incorporated in 1928. Electricity, gas and water utilities had only been recently introduced to the community at the time of incorporation. When the founder of Texaco relocated his company to Houston in 1906, he bought 200 acres of land in Pasadena. He ran an experimental farm for many years. This stimulated growth in the area. The Texaco, Crown and ARCO oil companies constructed oil refineries in the area during the 1920’s.

Pasadena eventually transitioned from a farming economy to an industrial economy. This did not occur until the late 1930s. At that time, the war in Europe spurred a major increase in the ship channel industries. The postwar boomed significantly increased the population of Pasadena taking it from approximate 3,400 in 1940 to 22,000 in 1950. The communities of Middle Bayou, Red Bluff and Deepwater were annexed at that time. The community then grew exponentially. The major employers of Pasadena residents include the Bayport Industrial District, the Houston ship channel businesses and the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pasadena and the surrounding Houston area is approximately 12 percent lower than the United States average. Residents typically pay less for housing, transportation, food and healthcare. Taxes in Houston and the surrounding areas are approximately 10 percent less than the average U.S. city.

Things to Do

There are many fun activities for the entire family in Pasadena and nearby Houston. Cultural amenities are outstanding and include museums, performing arts and a variety of entertainment options. Read below to discover just a few of the best activities in Pasadena and the surrounding areas.

Armand Bayou Nature Center Alligator

The Armand Bayou Nature Center, located in nearby Clear Lake, is an astonishingly beautiful part of the Texas Gulf Coast. Visitors can learn about the forest and marsh habitats and the wetlands prairie surrounding Armand Bayou. The nature center offers opportunities for hiking and bird-watching. Visitors can even view live animal displays of alligators, turtles, snakes, bison and hawks. The Martyn Farm, located in the nature center offers a glimpse of 1800's farm life in Texas.

Space Center Houston

Located just 30 minutes away in nearby Houston, the Space Center is the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Visitors to the Space Center Houston touch a real moon rock, take a behind the scenes tour of NASA and view astronauts train for missions.


Pasadena has festivals that take place all year round. There are festivals in and around the local area to please almost anyone. Take a look at some of the best yearly festivals below.

Pasadena Strawberry Festival

This yearly festival is home to the world’s largest strawberry shortcake. In 2014, Kroger produced the initial cake in an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records. The cake weighed over 21,578 pounds and was 2073 square feet. More than a ton of strawberries, whipped topping and glaze covered this giant confection. Each year, the cake is reproduced, shown and cut during the festival’s opening ceremony. Other attractions at the yearly festival include a county lineup of stars, such as Eric Paisley and Aaron Watson, a kid’s entertainment area, a beauty pageant and much more.

Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo

The Livestock Show and Rodeo offers great rodeo action, a carnival midway and wonderful nightly entertainment. The festival ends each year with a tasty barbecue cook-off.

With its wonderful quality of life, low cost of living and a prime location near Houston, Pasadena is an excellent place to live. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate in the Pasadena or surrounding area, contact Judi Kallus. Judi is an expert in the Pasadena area real estate market. Contact her today to find out more about this wonderful community.

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