Kemah, Texas

Kemah, TX is a beautiful U.S. city located southeast of Houston, right along the Galveston Bay. With a modest population of 3,334, Kemah is a close-knit, family friendly location. However quaint and modest Kemah may be, it is far from boring. The city’s prosperous fishing and shipping industry and scenic boardwalk make this a bustling and lively area, with endless things to do. So much so, that millions of tourists visit the town every year. In short, Kemah is the epitome of a place that really has it all. With small town friendliness, safety, prosperity, stability, and bubbling life; you really can “have your cake and eat it too.”

Things to do

Kemah Boardwalk
Kemah Boardwalk Kemah has a superior boardwalk, boasting a multitude of activities; such as amusement park rides, restaurants, and endless shopping avenues. Be a thrill seeker with a ride on the famous 96-foot-tall wooden rollercoaster, or coast along, over the breathtaking views, on the 65 foot Ferris Wheel. If you happen to be more of a naturist, the boardwalk has a surreal 50,000-gallon aquarium, boat tours, and an exotic rainforest exhibit. In addition, the boardwalk is home to many festivals, events, and activities throughout the entire year. There is literally, something for everyone on the Kemah Boardwalk.

Bird watching
Because Texas is located in the Northeast, there are several birds of which most people only hear stories, including the beautiful brown Pelican. Over 291 different species of birds have been identified in the area. Kemah is truly a sanctuary for bird enthusiasts of all kinds

Feed the animals
The boardwalk is scattered with 25 cent dispensaries, from which you can by fish and bird feed. Not only is feeding the fish and birds a relaxing and tranquil activity, it is also a sight to see when the animals embark on a feeding frenzy.

Visit the Marina
Savor the crisp salt-laden breeze, soak in the sun, and breathe easy while you appreciate the Marina’s sea life and breathtaking views.

Boat Tours
Enjoy a wonderful leisure cruise along the bay. The Beast is a vast colorful vessel that engulfs you in a backdrop of music, as you enjoy a 20-minute tour of the bay.

Carriage Rides
Don’t want to walk or drive? Well, get out on the town in a unique way, with the fun of a carriage ride.

Take in the richness of art
Kemah, TX has a spectacular array of art museums, galleries, and overall architectural appeal.

Lounge at the beach
Only a short distance from Kemah, Galveston Island shimmers with miles of beaches and luxurious cruise lines.

Hit the trails
Get lost on one of over 10 miles’ worth of trails. Many of the trails travel along the bay and are scattered with several types of wildlife. The trails are perfect for walkers, runners, cyclists, and sightseers alike.

Check out the parks
Skate Park The Kemah area is known to have a huge and well maintained park system. There are over 18 different parks, a community swimming pool, disc golf, and skate park.

Visit a museum
Kemah and surrounding areas are home to several fun and exciting museums, including the Space Center Houston, where visitors can go to experience space exploration for themselves.

Indulge in History
Enjoy a walking tour through one of the city’s many historical districts, such as the haunted Kemah Light House District. The Lighthouse District is a beautiful balance of old and new buildings, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Another gorgeous district is the East End Historical District. It is comprised of more than 50 blocks, spanning across the south, east, and north of town. The East End District has been acknowledged on the National Register of Historic Places, and is honored as a National Historic Landmark. Overflowing with historic architecture, tree lined streets, towering pillars, ornate carvings, and stained glass; this district is more than an adventure.

The Silk Stocking District is the perfect trip for anyone looking to appreciate the great Queen Anne style. This district is home to an array of historically honored homes. The Silk Stocking District is also the place for all historical war buffs, boasting a collection of sites from the Civil War all the way through Word War II era. Savor this Historic District with a leisure walk through the oak lined streets, or by trolley line.

Then there is the Historic Strand District. This historical district is known as the heart of the land; promising to be among the best places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Historic Strand District is reminiscent of the city’s great heyday, back in the 1800s and early 1900s, and is perfect for all avid lovers of antiques, souvenirs, and arts. Entertainment is superior with the Ocean Star Offshore Energy Center and Museum, Pier 21 Theatre, the Texas Seaport Museum, the Tall Ship Elissa, and a whole host of seasonal festivals, events, and activities.


Dining Kemah is home to a large variety of diners, pubs, grills, and other eatery. With styles from various cultures, including Asian, Mediterranean, Greek, and Mexican; there is food for every individual, no matter personal taste. The following are a few of the area’s most diverse and highly rated restaurants.

The Aquarium: Set in the middle of oversized aquariums, giving the feel of underwater dining. Enjoy the tranquil scenery and atmosphere while savoring a succulent menu. In addition to the delicious food, The Aquarium has a bar and a gift shop, birthday party packages, a sting ray reef, and also offers the chance to eat with a true marine biologist. The Aquarium is like an amusement park and restaurant all tied into one.
Café Mawal Mediterranean Grill: Indulge in an incredible atmosphere, savory food, and top quality Hookah.
Café 1979: A superb authentic Asian café, with some of the best cultural dishes.
Eduardo’s Mexican Kitchen: A family friendly restaurant with the most delicious Mexican food available.
Bakkhus Taverna Greek Restaurant and Bar: The perfect place to find cool crisp Gyros. Though if you are craving any kind of authentic Greek dish, this place is sure to hit the spot.
3s House of Tea and Bakery: Perfect getaway for a quick treat or quiet pit-stop and warm discussion along your way.

Living in Kemah, TX

Once you’ve had a taste of Kemah’s exuberant life, you’ll never want to leave. Living in Kemah offers more opportunities than just fun and excitement; Kemah is also a great place to get an education, build a career, and raise a family. There are 50 colleges within the Kemah area, making for ample educational opportunities; career opportunities are plentiful, and the real estate market is vast and affordable. If Kemah sounds like a dream come true, don’t waste another minute of life. If it sounds too good to be true, check it out for yourself; Contact Judi Kallus, local real estate agent, today!
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