Baytown, Texas


Baytown History

Baytown has a lengthy, interesting history. Present day Baytown has a number of lakes and bays. These were formed from the San Jacinto and Trinity Rivers. During prehistoric times, these bays and lakes provided plenty of opportunity for settlers in the area. The first settlers were the Akoksia and the Capoque tribes. They lived in dense seasonal settlements took advantage of the shoreline bay’s opportunity for fishing. The nearby flood plain and prairie environments provided ample occasions for the first settlers to hunt Columbian mammoth, deer and bison.

During the 19th century, several important events took place in the Baytown area. The Texas Revolutionary War was one of these monumental events. As a reminder of these pivotal times in the town’s history, the San Jacinto monument was constructed. This monument is a testament to Sam Houston’s’ victory over Mexico’s former President.

When Texas was still quite young; Cedar Bayou became one of its first bay communities. The general economic development after the war included the development of brickyards, as there were many superior clays found along the creeks, streams and bayous. An oil boom took place in Cedar Bayou in 1908. This oil boom prompted the swift development of the Goose Creek community. Goose Creek later became known as Baytown.

The Goose Creak oilfield, located in Baytown, was the nation’s second offshore drilling setup. Because of the success of the oilfield, Humble Oil and Refining Company, later known as ExxonMobil, was founded in Baytown in 1917 by Ross Sterling. Baytown grew up around the refinery. At first, the community was only a collection of barracks, small shacks and army tents. It became permanent in 1923 when Exxon Mobile provided utilities, laid out streets, furnished financing for employee’s homes and laid out lots for them to build on. Exxon Mobil furnished housing for its supervisors and skilled employees and constructed a huge community building for their recreational needs. A special task force was formed to handle work-related problems. Later, this group also discussed municipal problems and became the city council for the community. From this point on, the Baytown community has grown exponentially.

Baytown Today

Baytown’s most significant industries continue to be oil refining. The town is also focused on other industries, including rubber, carbon black and chemical plants. Baytown is home to several well-known petrochemical companies, including Chevron Philips and ExxonMobil. Baytown serves the international community through two ports. These two pots, the Houston Ship Channel and the Port of Houston reach 1,053 ports worldwide.


Water Park

Baytown offers lots of things to do. Check out the activities featured below for just a sampling of the local attractions.

Fred Hartman Bridge

This is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Texas. Offering a breath-taking view, the Fred Hartman Bridge spans the Houston Ship Channel and supports State Highway 146. The bridge’s twin diamond towers can be seen for miles. Each tower is the equivalent of a 45-story building. The bridge is 2,475 feet, which is the length of eight football fields.

Baytown Nature Center

This nature center offers more than 450 acres of the peninsula surrounded by three bays. It serves as the home to more than 300 species of birds. There is also a nursery area for various aquatic species. A butterfly garden and a children's nature discovery center offers lots of fun for the little ones.

Battleship Texas

This battleship, commissioned in 1914, is the only surviving battleship that served in both world wars. It is also the last surviving Dreadnought.

Pirate's Bay Water Park

This family-friendly Caribbean-themed 3-acre water park offers attractions for the whole family. It has a large and colorful pirate-themed water play center complete with a large array of water guns and spray nozzles, as well as a dumping bucket. There are two large slide towers and a 671-foot-long lazy river. There are tower activities that are fun for both daredevils, as well as the little ones. Beach-style zero-entry pools are wonderful for families with young children or for older folks.


School Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District is one of the largest districts in Texas. It serves more than 20,000 students in the Baytown area.

Goose Creek’s goal is to provide top-notch schools throughout the district. The district focuses on ensuring that all students are prepared for careers or college. The district offers an exceptional educational program with materials, facilities and equipment that are among the best the state has to offer.

Goose Creek has one pre-elementary school, 15 elementary schools, five junior high schools, and three high schools. The district offers a wide range of educational choices for any student. Some of their special programs and services include a high school that prepares students for early college, a career center and an alternative school. The Stuart Career Center offers more than 80 career electives, along with programs that provide college credits and certifications.

Goose Creek students benefit from a high-quality, strong educational system that is further enhanced by wonderful community support. In 2005, voters approved a $220.5 million grant. With these funds, the district constructed four new schools.

Improvements were also made to several campuses, support facilities. Technology advancements and the purchase of additional school buses were also recently made.

In May 2013, Baytown and the local communities approved a bond of $267 million. There will be many enhancements in the districts as a result of this bond. These include additional elementary schools, a new technology center, safety and security improvements and a transportation center.


Baytown enjoys a warm climate all year round. Snow is a very rare occurrence and thunderstorms tend to move through very quickly. Winters in Baytown are especially pleasant. The summers can be hot with temperatures from the 90s.

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